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Training and Speaking Programs

Productivity challenges exist at every level of an organization, which causes stress and inefficiency; and costs the organization both time and money.  S.O.S. offers training and speaking programs that are specifically directed toward helping your business or organization improve productivity and efficiency; and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Nancy Kruschke, CPO® is a passionate and highly engaging trainer who delivers informative, interactive, and entertaining content.  Since 1989, she has been speaking in front of audiences of all sizes and in corporate training rooms around the region.  Her practical approach helps participants assess their challenges and gives them the tools to implement change and achieve results.

Programs can be offered as standalone, but many clients combine a group program with 1:1 or team meetings.  This allows your team members to apply what they learned immediately on an individual level and accelerates the impact of desired outcomes.

Don’t see a topic that matches your group’s needs?  Contact us to discuss a custom presentation.

Training and speaking programs to improve productivity and efficiency; and improve the bottom line
Training and speaking programs to improve productivity and efficiency; and improve the bottom line


Organize 360

Organize 360 Approach, a holistic approach to productivity and organizing

A Holistic Approach to Productivity and Organizing 

The Organize 360 Approach examines three key activities that need to be in sync for optimal productivity - information flow, workspace design, and leveraging the right tools.

This signature program is one of our most popular training sessions.  It is a compiliation of many years of working with clients on three specific areas: productivity, information, and environment.


Get results now, increase productivity, achieve desired results

Organize 360 Approach to Productivity

Increased productivity is not about getting more done, it's about getting the right things done.  Achieve your desired results more quickly by fully understanding what being more productive means for you personally. 

The better you understand what you are trying to achieve, the easier it is to put the right tools and techniques into place to support your success. 

STOP Overload

Stop overload, information management, stop feeling overloaded

Organize 360 Approach to Information Management

We are constantly inundated with information: paper, email, texts, and social media.  In one year we are exposed to more information than individuals in the 15th century were exposed to in their lifetimes. No wonder we feel overloaded.

Understanding information input - the how, they types, the value, and the systems used to process - puts you in control.  You will learn tools and techniques to help you stop feeling overloaded. 


calm your workspace, control your environment

Organize 360 Approach to Your Environment

Whether your workspace is small or large, you might struggle to keep your environment organized.  A clutter free and calm workspace will increase productivity, improve your efficiency, and reduce stress.

Small things such as desk location and ease of filing have a huge impact on our success. We will examine best practices for workspace design and ergonomics, distractions, and filing processes.

Control Your Inbox

Microsoft Outlook - Control your inbox, more than send and receive

Microsoft Outlook - More Than Send and Receive

Most of us know how to use Outlook.  But, this program will dive deeper into the program and show you tools within Outlook that you might not know even existed.

Outlook is (a lot!) more than sending and receiving email messages, adding meetings to the calendar, and flagging messages for follow-up.  This program will teach you how to use tools within Outlook that will enable you to do more than controlling your inbox.

*  This program is more effective if participants have access to a computer, but it is not a requirement.

Reduce Redundancy

Microsoft OneNote - reduce redundancy and increase collaboration

Microsoft OneNote - Increase Collaboration

Looking for an easy way to capture meeting notes, organize ideas, gather research, create action lists, and collaborate on projects in real time? Then welcome to Microsoft OneNote.  This program keeps information neat and tidy and enables you to find information quickly. 

You will learn how to use this effective tool to collaborate on projects and reduce confusion and redundancy.

*  This program is more effective if participants have access to a computer, but it is not a requirement. 


"Able to use immediately"

Thank you for taking time to speak to our nonprofit clients and prospects on the topic of "Organizing Tips, Tools, and Techniques." 

All attendees took something back to their office that they could use immediately to get their offices more organized. Consistently, we heard that everyone in attendance enjoyed the tips you gave and tools you demonstrated.

Your presenting style of engaging the audience made everyone feel at easy and was well received by all.

- Thomas, Suby, Von Haden & Associates

"Real life tips"

Nancy's presentation of "Poof! You're Organized" received great reviews form our staff and they were able to implement new ideas immediately. She offered real-life tips and tools to an eclectic audience.

Everyone enjoyed her natural style and felt at ease asking her questions. She tailored her presentation to meet our needs and was a well prepared presenter.

I would recommend Nancy's presentation for any business.

- Jeanne, Education Specialist

"Valuable content"

It was a pleasure to work with Nancy when she presented, "Design Your Work, Life, and Space" as part of our retreat.

Nancy was not only an excellent presenter, but provided valuable information.  Attendees commented: 'enthusiastic presenter'; 'helpful hints'.

In addition to the complimentary evaluation results. Nancy's passion for her presentation topic was evident. Her exceptional enthusiasm inspired attendees not only to be involved in the presentation, but encouraged them to use the tools, tips, and tricks offered. 

- Stacy, Learning & Development Consultant

"Put audience at ease"

Your presentation style of engaging the audience made everyone feel at ease and was well received by all. As people were leaving, I overheard many positive comments, including "What great ideas, I can't wait to implement them."

- Middleton-Cross Plains Area Schools

"Message taken to heart"

While those of us in the human resources profession always like to think of ourselves as the leaders in organization and time management several of your ideas and tools were new to us and have resulted in sharpening our skills in this area.

I am pleased to report since your presentation, several of the HR managers have taken your message "to heart" and are making improvements in their organizational skills and office systems.

Thank you for a lively and informational presentation.

- Pamela, Vice President, Human Resources

"Loved the training"

Just wanted to say – THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

I learned a lot in your Outlook class! Loved the pace – loved the relaxed setting! Will use what I’ve learned on a daily basis. Class could be longer – so much to learn.

- Debby, Analyst

"I thought I knew Outlook until I took the training & found out I didn't know Outlook"

- Brian, Quality Manager 


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