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Organize 360 Approach

When we work with clients, it often starts like this: A frustrated business owner reaches out to get expert guidance on one area of struggle - how to become more efficient; or how to manage piles of paper and digital information; or how to clean up a workspace to enhance productivity.  But, more often than not, we end up uncovering improvements that can be made in all three areas that will make a huge, positive impact.

That's why the Organize 360 Approach was developed..

No matter how small or large your business, managing three key areas - productivity, information, and environment - need to be in sync for peak production and efficiency.  The Organize 360 Approach is a holistic solution that will help you.

  • Understand and manage the flow of information
  • Determine key activities to focus on
  • Leverage the tools you need
  • Design a highly efficient (and clutter free!) workspace

Organize 360 Approach, manage flow of information, determine key activities, leverage technology
Organize 360 Approach, manage flow of information, determine key activities, leverage technology

Areas of Focus


Productivity, learn what is the most useful and profitable use of your time

Learn what is the most useful - and most profitable - use of your time.  You'll learn how to get the right things done, which will lead you to achieving your goals.

  • Identify key activities and end results
  • Analyze current tasks and meetings
  • Delegate effectively
  • Review current tools and systems

“…you cannot eat every tadpole and frog in the pond, but you can eat the biggest and ugliest one, and that will be enough, at least for the time being.”  

 ~ Brian Tracy author of "Eat That Frog!"

Success Stories


Information, learn how to quickly manage information to save time

We are constantly inundated with information from all sides - paper, email, texts, social media, digital files, and more.  Learn how to quickly manage and disseminate information so you aren't wasting time and find exactly the information you need when you need it.

  • Identify types of information needed
  • Analyze current filing systems
  • Understand collaboration needs
  • Evaluate current technology

 “Information overload is a symptom of our desire to not focus on what's important. It is a choice.”      

~ Brian Solis researcher of disruptive technology

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Environment, create a clutter free workspace to work more efficiently

The busier we get, the harder it can be to maintain our workspace.  But, having an organized, clutter free work environment allows you to set up systems to work more efficiently and function better in your space.

  • Evaluate current office layout/design
  • Design efficient and effective spaces
  • Correct ergonomics
  • Identify and address distractions

“If you don’t have a winning culture inside,  it’s hard to compete in the very tough world outside.”

 ~ Douglas Conant internationally renowned business leader

Success Stories


"Reduced stress"


With the system we set up for my client files I was able to save 2-3 days of time in doing paperwork. Time and money spent was well worth it. Mentally knowing that I don't need to go through the paperwork again to do my billing has reduced my stress.

- David, Construction Business Owner

"Streamlined processes"


Nancy helped streamline and organize the process of creating the procedure manuals for my small business. We have been able to create a very clear and understandable manual for our products. Nancy is extremely capable as a communicator and she has always been very prompt, professional, and easy to work with. 

- Liz, Small Business Owner

"Focus on priorities"

 Nancy's advice and direction have helped me with continuous improvement of waste elimination (mostly motion and over-processing wastes).  She has customized a system to work with my personal style, checking and adjusting every few months to fix any issues that have arisen.  With her help, I feel that I am in better control of the astounding number of emails that continue to flow through my Inbox and with the handling of work delivered through Outlook.

Others in the company have also found her teaching to be a valuable asset; for example, our Director shared his filing system with his admin group during a LEAN training session, giving Nancy credit for improvements he made in this area.  

She is also able to work with several styles to fit the needs of people at all levels at our company.  Results of her successful training include better control of time and therefore more opportunity to focus on priorities, less waste and less stress.  

- Val, Administrative Assistant

"Extra brain and heart room"

I really sense a huge change in my life and it sure feels good. I can't believe I've maintained what we started for over two months now! I'm really glad you came back up and helped me move forward again. I was a little leery of spending the money on more 1:1 organizing, but it sure was worth it. Even better than the first session. My god, you should see my desk right now-so organized! I almost hate to quit work for the day and it's 10pm.

Thanks again SO MUCH for the extra brain and heart room you helped me to find by clearing out the physical clutter.

- Donna, Business Owner


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