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Successful Organizing Solutions (S.O.S.)

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Consulting Services to Maximize Productivity

Task & Time Management

Control your time

-  Assess current time usage

-  Analyze scheduled meetings

-  Identify key activities

-  Develop a time and task strategy

Result:  Laser focus on getting the right things done

Paper & File Systems

Find what you need

when you need it

-  Identify types of information

-  Sort and purge

-  Streamline

-  Document your new system

Result:  No wasted time searching for or recreating documents

Space Planning

Leverage your workspace

for efficiency

-  Evaluate current space

-  Identify space needs

-  Reduce distractions

-  Discuss proper ergonomics

Result:  Fewer distractions, less stress, increased focus


Lead effective meetings

-  Identify types of meetings

-  Determine purpose and length of meetings

-  Create meeting agendas

-  Outline participant roles

Result:  More effective communication and collaboration

Electronic Files

Quickly find and file

digital documents

-  Assess digital file structure

-  Identify redundancy

-  Design and document structure

-  Implement and manage

Result:  Highly efficient digital filing system

Workflow Management

Everyone knows how to get

from A to Z

-  Assess current workflow

-  Standardize and document

-  Establish communication rules

-  Educate staff

Result:  Efficient and productive collaboration


"Dramatic change"

Nancy, thanks for your help in the office today. I worked until after 7:00 pm continuing the work we started. 

When I finished, I sat there alone and it sort of felt like I just bought a new car. It was nice to look at and was good to get work done. 

The change is dramatic and pleasant. Thank you.

- Greg, Insurance Company co-owner

"Documented procedures"

SOS has helped streamline and organize the process of creating the procedure manuals for my business. In working with Nancy, we have been able to create a very clear and understandable manual for two of our products. 

Nancy is extremely capable as a communicator and she has always been very prompt, professional, and easy to work with. 

- Elizabeth, Business Owner

"Less stress"

Nancy, I appreciate your ability to move me along the path of organization in a quick and efficient manner. What a blessing to finally have my office organized in a manner that fits the way I work.

I have found that taking time at the beginning and end of the day to organize my thoughts and desk make the rest of the workday far more efficient and less stressful.

- Gary, Pastor


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