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What We Do

Increase productivity and improve performance

Increase Productivity and Improve Performance

With our experience, expert guidance, and proven tools, S.O.S. will teach you how to better manage workflow, tasks, information, calendars, workspaces, and technology.  In the end, you and your team will successfully become more productive, more efficient, and improve performance.

Organize 360 approach customized and focused to address small workspaces, information, technology

Implement our Organize 360 Approach

We are often asked to do more with less.  We work in small or shared workspaces, we manage mountains of information, and we try to keep up with the lightning speed of technology.  Our Organize 360 Approach is a customized and focused plan that addresses these issues, and helps you successfully manage everything in today's workplace.

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Improve Your Bottom Line

For over 25 years, S.O.S. owner Nancy Kruschke, CPO®, has expertly guided individuals, solopreneurs, small businesses, and corporations in becoming exponentially more productive, organized, and in control.  Thanks to Nancy's passion and expertise, clients have been able to successfully manage their time and resources and positively impact their bottom line.

Are You Ready To:

Get more done?

Find information quickly?

Benefit from a clutter free workspace?

How You Will Benefit


Workflow get everyone on the same page

Get everyone on the same page.


Productivity, spend your time efficiently and wisely

Spend your time efficiently and wisely.


Information, find what you need, when you need it

Find what you need, when you need it.


Environment, learn how to leverage your workspace

Learn how to leverage your workspace.


Meetings, hold effective and efficient meetings

Hold effective and efficient meetings.


Training, continually improve your and your team's skills

Continually Improve your and your team's skills.



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