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Nancy has been working with clients of all sizes for many years, and has had the joy of watching busy professionals, entrepreneurs, corporations and organizations become more productive, more efficient, and implement tools and techniques that have made their lives – and their organizations – more successful (and more profitable!). 

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Productivity Success Stories

productivity - it's not about the system, but being focused in making decisions

Productivity Challenge

Managing the multitude of tasks, projects, proposals, and information


Custom Learning Solutions, WI School of Business – Sr Director

Client Challenge

     "Over the years, I have tried many different systems to try to manage the information, tasks, and projects, only to go back to my old ways of letting it all pile up."

S.O.S. Process

-  Identified key activities

-  Determined tasks that could be delegated

-  Blocked time on calendar for key activities, email processing, planning, meetings

-  Implemented actions, reviewed progress, and modified as needed


Client stated they learned it's " not about the system, but being focused in my decisions;"  about implementing the sytem and tools that were chosen."  In addition, the client was provided training on tools such as Outlook, One Note, smart phone functionality and corporate information systems.

Benefit of working with S.O.S.

"The patience, knowledge, and support provided by Nancy.  I didn’t feel like I was alone in making and implementing changes to my thinking and processes."

productivity - clarify the issues and control the piles

Productivity Challenge

Piles of to-do items


Meeting Life's Challenges – Owner

Client Challenge

    "I've tried to implement solutions on my own with limited success."

S.O.S. Process

-  Identify what specifically needs to be done, deadlines, and have information to complete to-do 

-  Blocked 'tasks' on calendar

-  Created customized workflow

-  Implemented recommended changes, reviewed progress, and modified as needed


Client clarified what the problems were and why she was having trouble solving them on my own.  In a short period of time, client was in control of the piles that had continued to take over her desk and office.

Benefit of working with S.O.S.

"Nancy truly cared about my success and the success of my business. She exhibited professionalism and freely shared her experiences and knowledge with me and my staff."

Information Success Stories

Information - decide, inform, educate team members where to find project information

Information Challenge

Have one location to gather and share project information with team members


Research and Development – Project Lead


Difficulty in managing the information required to effectively collaborate with the team.

S.O.S. Process

-  Identified the information to be shared

-  Evaluated current technology available (SharePoint, shared drive, OneNote) to easily and most efficiently meet team needs

-  Designed the layout of the OneNote notebook and defined storage location

-  Trained team members how to use OneNote

-  Reviewed progress, answered questions, modified as needed


-  Team members know where to find project information, rationale, and decisions.

-  Project meeting notes completed during meetings, reducing work after the meeting.

-  All team members knew the tasks to be completed and can keep team members up to date in real time by updating OneNote.  

Benefit of working with S.O.S.

Learned how to reduce email communications, increase understanding of decisions made, and actions to be done by who and by when.  Also, client knows how to easily get a new team member up to speed on the project quickly.

information - review information and technology tools to choose the appropriate message to convey

Information Challenge

Staff using outdated materials and giving clients inconsistent information


Center for Executive Education, UW Madison – Operations and Marketing Director


Having access to and providing up-to-date information consistantly


-  Interviewed staff regarding tools and materials they were currently using and how they were using them

-  Determined relevance of current tools and materials

-  Combined multiple tools and created templates

-  Documented workflow and procedures

-  Trained all staff on the new tools, materials, templates, workflow, and procedures

-  Implemented workflow and procedure  review schedule  


-  Increased productivity by reducing workflow steps and time spent redoing work

-  Created consistent client message, reduced client confusion, and increased client engagement

-  Efficient and less time-consuming employee onboarding

-  Enabled client continuity through documented processes and staff cross-training  

Benefit of working with S.O.S.

Client learned how to develop consistent processes and create a more collaborative environment.  Clent also increased sales and reduced daily manager process review.

Environment Success Stories

Environment - Identify goals, examine workflow, establish retention schedule

Environment Challenge

Get a handle on office clutter


Paragon Video & Stereo, Inc – Owner


"For years, I struggled with ‘getting  organized.’ Because I think of myself as an intelligent and efficient person, it never occurred to me to ask for help. I felt somehow; I should be able to handle it myself."

S.O.S. Process

-  Identified types of items in the office, desk, and files

-  Assessed information management

    *  Examined flow, in and out

    *  Created ‘homes’ for all items

    *  Established retention schedule

-  Space

    *  Identified items needed: daily, weekly

    *  Assessed ergonomics and placement

-  Implemented changes, reviewed progress, and modified as needed


Client has much less clutter in the office, saying "I'm automatically more productive.  Instead of 'someday,' it's now!"  Client is also more focused on achieving results and reaching business goals.

Benefit of working with S.O.S.

"The next appointment gives me a deadline and the follow-up phone calls are helpful to keep me on track.   I feel a great sense of relief."

Environment - identify goal, prioritize, organize, easy to find

Environment Challenge

Get a handle on organizing issues


Home Office – Master of Fine Arts Student


     "I have too much stuff."

S.O.S. Process

-  Identified what she wanted to accomplish

-  Prioritized areas

    *  Studio or multi-function room for: work, sewing, music, and guests

    *  Storage closet, living room, bedroom and kitchen

-  Educated on organizing principles: sort, toss, group, contain, label, maintenance

-  Demonstrated principles, created plan,      encouraged and reviewed progress, recommended tweaks as needed


All of client's materials fit in organized storage spaces, and she can easily identify items to keep or get rid of.  In addition, everything is labeled and has a "home," making it easy for the client to access items and return them to their proper location.  No more “I’ll put it here for now.” 

Benefit of working with S.O.S.

"TRULY addressing each area and project – as opposed to just repeatedly straightening the piles and thinking, 'well, that’s good for now'.  I’m now feeling lighter and lighter."


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