I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people! You’ll hear from some of them below.

Help is Greatly Appreciated

The overview of Outlook was very helpful, yet I still feel like I need to take control of my inbox 🙂 I need help understanding what are the best systems used to sort/file/ and archive my email. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Crystal - HR Coordinator

Eased Our Mind

Hi Nancy, I just wanted you to know how helpful you were in this morning's session. The time just flew by and I learned a lot. I came into the class feeling stressed over the May 5 changes coming our way, you eased our mind and made things seem a lot simpler, and I feel so much better now. Thank you so much!!

Linda - Project Lead

Better Control

Nancy's advice and direction have helped me with continuous improvement of waste elimination (mostly motion and over-processing wastes). She has customized a system to work with my personal style, checking and adjusting every few months to fix any issues that have arisen. With her help, I feel that I am in better control of the astounding number of emails that continue to flow through my Inbox and with the handling of work delivered through Outlook.

Others in the company have also found her teaching to be a valuable asset; for example, our Director shared his filing system with his admin group during a LEAN training session, giving Nancy credit for improvements he made in this area.

She is also able to work with several styles to fit the needs of people at all levels at our company. Results of her successful training include better control of time and therefore more opportunity to focus on priorities, less waste and less stress.

Val - Administrative Assistant

Very Productive and Helpful

I had a 45 min office/email organizing session with Nancy yesterday. It was very productive and helpful time for me. I have learned some useful tips and function that I did not know before, especially about Outlook and OneNote.

Jason - Engineer

Thank You for Your Guidance

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your consultation yesterday. Although I am new, I often find myself struggling to not become overwhelmed with the clutter that the tasks of my role bring me through the year. Your guidance on how to better organize my space was spot on, and thank you for turning me on to one note – I had no idea that program even existed but I have already starting using it. 🙂

Sasha - Product Developer

I thought I knew Outlook

I thought I knew Outlook until I took the training & found out I didn't know Outlook.

Brian - Quality Manager

Wonderful tips

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate all the wonderful tips you shared. They have made my work flow much better. I did share with my supervisor and my team how much you have helped me. Thank you again!


This is ALREADY Awesome

I JUST started using OneNote for a brief moment to see what was on my checklist today for my programs and I found myself saying out loud with amazed glee "this is ALREADY awesome!" THANK YOU NANCY!!!!


Stephanie - Program Coordinator

Extra Brain and Heart Room

I worked on sorting out my tasks yesterday and again today and finally got them into a schedule that I think is do-able. I put each "to do folder title" plus regular tasks on sticky notes and moved them around until it made sense. Some things I do every day, others I will do one day a week.

The "one box review" is my pledge to go through one box every day and file the crap or trash it. After I finish all the boxes of junk in the office, I'll move into file drawers and then into the house. Once I get my life free of the boxes of paper and junk that I've been clinging to for YEARS, I don't think I'll do this to myself again.

I really sense a huge change in my life and it sure feels good. I can't believe I've maintained what we started for over two months now! I'm really glad you came back up and helped me move forward again. I was a little leery of spending the money on more 1:1 organizing, but it sure was worth it. Even better than the first session. My god, you should see my desk right now-so organized! I almost hate to quit work for the day and it's 10pm.

Thanks again SO MUCH for the extra brain and heart room you helped me to find by clearing out the physical clutter.

Donna - Business Owner

Strongly Recommend

Nancy customized her presentation to the needs of those present. She demonstrates excellent initiative and provided great detail in confirmation of her presentation. She is timely and came prepared with visual aids and handouts. Nancy shows flexibility with audience size and working with technology. Her presentation was recorded for our community's local cable station and she worked well with the technical director and assistant to assure adequate audio was recoded. Nancy displays excellent communication skills both in setting up her presentation and providing applicable supportive suggestions to develop organization strategies for seniors. She remained sensitive to the needs and concerns of her older adult audience.

Nancy's commitment to the community is evident in her willingness to provide such a presentation for those who need it. I look forward to working with Nancy in the future as she detected additional needs of the audience she would like to address around tax time. I strongly recommend Nancy, without reservation for tasks including consultation, public speaking, training, and education.

Diane - Director
Monona Senior Center

Great Reviews from Staff

Nancy's presentation of "Poof! You're Organized" received great reviews form our staff. Numerous people commented both verbally and via email to me that her presentation really helped them to become better organized. She was able to offer real-life tips and tools to an eclectic audience.

Everyone enjoyed her natural style and felt at ease asking her questions. She was a prepared speaker, beginning from the point of scheduling through the presentation itself. Having prepared and organized many meetings myself, I especially liked how she sent me a questionnaire prior to the meeting to find out more about our specific needs and our company. This was very effective, as she was able to tailor and mold her presentation to better meet our needs.

I must admit I was hesitant to allow her to bring in items for sale, but now I realize that having those tools available for immediate sale helped our staff implement their newly learned ideas immediately. Many individual comment how nice it was to purchase those products right then and there.

I would recommend Nancy's presentation for any business.

Jeanne - Education Specialist
Employee Benefits Corporations

A Very Positive Experience

Thank you for taking time to speak to our nonprofit clients and prospects on the topic of "Organizing tips, Tools, and Techniques." Prior to the presentation, we realized the importance of the topic, as we had to turn away people due to limited space. Normally, we have 10-12 attendees for our nonprofit seminars. For this seminar, we had more than 37 scheduled attendees and 10 clients and prospects on a waiting list for a potential follow-up event.

Since the presentation, we have received very positive feedback from many of our clients regarding the presentation. All of the attendees seemed to take something back to their office that they could use immediately to get their offices more organized. Consistently, we heard that everyone in attendance enjoyed the tips you gave and tools you demonstrated.

Your presenting style of engaging the audience made everyone feel at easy and was well received by all.

Again, thank you for making this seminar a very positive experience for everyone involved. It was a pleasure working with you on this endeavor!

Thomas - Suby
Von Haden & Associates

Highly Recommend

Nancy is a very warm, amusing, and personable presenter whom I would highly recommend to any group or organization.

Meg - Director of Family Ministry
McFarland Lutheran Church

Provided Valuable Information

As the Learning & Development Consultant at UW Medical Foundation, I had the pleasure of working with Nancy on a session that was a part of a larger retreat for UW Medical Foundation Clinic Managers. Nancy facilitated a session titled, "Design Your Work, Life, and Space."

Nancy was not only an excellent presenter, but provided valuable information while she facilitated the 2.5 hour presentation to 48 UW Medical Foundation Clinic Mangers. Attendees commented: 'enthusiastic presenter'; 'helpful hints'.

In addition to the complimentary evaluation results. Nancy's passion for her presentation topic was evident. Her exceptional enthusiasm inspired attendees not only to be involved in the presentation but encouraged them to believer they too could use the tools, tips, and tricks offered. I believer Nancy's presentation was a pleasant mix of excitement and functional information. We are grateful to have had the opportunity for Nancy to be a part of our retreat.

Stacy - Learning & Development Consultant
UW Medical Foundation

What Great Ideas

Thank you for taking time to speak to our organization. The topic "Poof! You're Organized" was very popular. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the tips you have and the tools you demonstrated.

Your presentation style of engaging the audience made everyone feel at ease and was well received by all. As people were leaving, I overheard many positive comments, including "What great ideas, I can't wait to implement them."

Nancy - Staff Development Coordinator
Middleton-Cross Plains Area Schools

Appreciate Commitment

It was a pleasure having you come to speak for our MAGNET Professional Development Group. We greatly appreciate your commitment to sharing your energy, expertise, and ideas with Madison's next generation of leaders. We are grateful for the generosity of insight and experience that only leaders like you can provide.

MAGNET members particularly enjoyed the way you made the presentation applicable to real life situations. Knowing the five keys to successful organizing is useful in every area from personal to professional, and we are very grateful that you shared them with our group.

Ward - Executive Director

Message "to heart"

I am pleased to report that in the past four weeks since your presentation at American's Human Resources Summit, several of the HR managers have taken your message "to heart" and are making improvements in their organizational skills and office systems.

While those of us in human resources profession would like to always think of ourselves as the leaders in organization and time management several of your ideas and tolls were new to us and have resulted in our sharpening our skills in this area.

Thank you for a lively and informational presentation.

Pamela - Vice President, Human Resources

Reduced My Stress

With the system we set up for my client files I was able to save 2-3 days of time in doing paperwork. Time and money spent was well worth it. Mentally knowing that I don't need to go through the paperwork again to do my billing has reduced my stress.

David, Business Owner

Extremely Capable

SOS has helped streamline and organize the process of creating the procedure manuals for Homestyle Soft Furnishings, LLC. In working with Nancy, we have been able to create a very clear and understandable manual for two of our products. Nancy is extremely capable as a communicator and she has always been very prompt, professional, and easy to work with.

Elizabeth - Business Owner

Felt Good to Get Work Done

Nancy, thanks for your help in the office today. I worked until after 7:00 pm continuing the work we started. When I finished, I sat there alone and it sort of felt like I just bought a new car. It was nice to look at and was good to get work done. Thank you.

It was bad...the change is dramatic and pleasant.

Greg - Business Owner

Thank you for a better system

You helped me clear all the tax and business piles from years of saving them. Helped me know what is necessary to keep and not keep. A great relief! Thank you for a better system. I appreciate the knowledge and energy you bring to your work with me.


I Love the 1:1

I love the 1:1. We work on what I'm interested in. My questions, concerns, problems, etc. are immediately addressed.

Our work together has allowed me to get the business books set up on the computer. I've wanted to do that for a long time, but had no idea how to begin. I hadn't planned on putting all my accounts in the computer, but it's great. Much less paperwork.

Nancy, you are great! You are always available to answer my questions or walk me though a problem. Thank you!

Dawn - Business Owner

More Efficient and Less Stressful

Nancy, I appreciate your ability to move me along the path of organization in a quick and efficient manner. What a blessing to finally have my office organized in a manner that fits the way I work.

I have found that taking time at the beginning and end of the day to organize my thoughts and desk make the rest of the workday far more efficient and less stressful.

Gary - Pastor
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