Cheat Sheet: Master Getting Things Done…In 2 Minutes – The Practical Summary of David Allen’s Best Selling Book



Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity by David Allen is a sensational organizational system for managing work and life. To get the book’s methods to work for you in real life, research shows it takes an average of 66 days of consistent practice for a new skill to become a habit.

Cheat Sheet: Master Getting Things Done …In 2 Minutes… is a fast reference tool that captures this organizational system in a concise, step-by-step format that help you embed the concepts while providing rapid refresher when you need it most.
It is designed for:

1.) The busy individual familiar with the system and serious about habit change

2.) The newcomer who values time spent on EXECUTION, not reading.

Key Benefits:

“¢ Excellent compact summary of the basic principles of the Get Things Done system in a fast, convenient format.

“¢ Saves you precious time from re-reading the book to re-absorb, remember and categorize concepts. We did all the work for you.

“¢ Contains illustrated work flow map to follow during THE critical 2 hour weekly review.

“¢ Keep the topic relevant and in front of you for times you fall off the program.

More than just a book summary, pull up this organization tool to coach you through the entire process. Life just got easier as you cross off tasks after task; achieve multiple goals and milestones, all the while functioning with a clear mind and a sense of relaxed control. ҬӬ
This reference summary is designed to be purchased along side the reviewed title Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity.